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Monday, October 8, 2018

Certificate Course in Financial Management Careers in Banking

Certificate Course in Financial Management  Careers in Banking

Image source:'s Certificate Course in Financial Management is a versatile course to learn, and it includes various topics across different sectors like Banking, Stock Markets, Financial services, wealth management, Charatered Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Managers etc.
There are a lot of options available to get these positions by earning the relevant knowledge. One can join short term certificate courses as well. Also, because of the technology advancement these courses can be pursued without any hassle while working or studying simultaneously at the comfort of your home on the laptop or computer.
Banks are considered the backbone of a countrys economy. Banking sector is therefore the fastest growing sector as well. Talking of facts, at present 7 lac employees are working under Banking sector. Out of these, a large number is going to retire in the next 5-6 years. That implies employment generation. And to validate this, more than 40,000 vacancies have been announced in this sector recently.
The growth in Banking sector is an overall growth which indicates emergence in other industrial sectors as well.
There are different positions available in every bank. Lets discuss some of them. We will start off with entry level jobs.
1.Probationary Officer / Assistant Branch Manager : These are the most available entry level jobs in a bank. The proper job description of a PO would be administrative work, general banking operations and any other work assigned by the bank. After probation period, a PO is promoted to an Assistant Branch Manager.
2. Relationship Manager : A Relationship Manager takes care of peoples money. He/She directs the customer to make the right choices, right investments and make their money work for them. He/She gives advice to customers on different financial services and the one that suits the customers needs. He/She also leverages existing customers for upselling and cross-selling.
3.Branch Manager : For the few who are fresh out of college yet exceptionally talented, the position of a Branch Manager may also be up for grabs. The Branch Manager is responsible for the administration and efficient daily operations of full service branch office. This includes administration, operations, product sales, customer service, security measures etc. He also provides supervision, leadership, guidance, training etc to fellow employees.
Advanced Level Jobs :
Pre requisites : CFA, FRM, MBA in Finance etc
1.Investment banking : Investment bankers generate funds for corporations by structuring their investment requirements such as bonds & stocks. It is a very fast paced, pressure packed job with long working hours. At the same time, it rewards you with money and more!
2. Project Finance Manager : The key role is to examine a project from a financial perspective. A Project Finance Manager is responsible for a detailed financial risk analysis of a project using financial models with calculations, tax computation, working capital requirement assumptions etc.
3. Risk Management : Risk Managers support and advice an organisation about the potential financial risks in both the inflow as well as outflow of funds. They help an organization act proactively to reduce the effect of any unforeseen financial or economic event.
4. Equity Analyst : An Equity Analyst analyses financial information to forecast business, industry and economic outlook for use in making investment decisions. There are two main kinds of profiles here - Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.
5. Treasury Management : It includes management of an enterprises cash with the only goal of maximizing the firms liquidity and makes the operational, financial & reputational risk less severe.
We will talk in more detail about these advanced level jobs in our upcoming posts.
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