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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Component 3 of Career Management - Congeniality

When it comes to career management, eight components will make or break your career. These components consist of whom you know, what you know, congeniality, appearance, punctuality, attendance, attitude, and performance. These components of career management are crucial to your career. This article discusses the third component congeniality.
Congeniality and the CEO
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Congeniality is probably the most important factor in moving up in just about any company. Until you become CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your company, you will have to be congenial. Even the CEO, has to be somewhat congenial, due to the fact CEOs have bosses also.
CEOs bosses are a board of directors. If the CEO does not have controlling interest in a company, they can be replaced or fired just like anyone else.
Personality Rules
Congeniality is the ability to bring people together in a positive way, through the use of his or her personality. In simple terms, you have to be liked. If people do not like you, no matter who you know, or what you know, moving up will be very difficult.
How you react to people will determine if people like you. Your reactions to people will have many components which will change from person to person.
While this may seem difficult, there are some basic rules.
Friendly - People generally like people who like people. Simply said people who are friendly have more friends. In order to have a friend, you must be a friend.
Positive - People like people who have a positive attitude. Positive attitude is someone who thinks and acts positive. To be positive, you have to accent things that are positive and eliminate things the negative such as gossip and criticism.
Nice - People like people who always have something nice to say about other people and do not put other people down. By putting other people down, you make people wonder what you say about them when they are not around.
Smile - People like people who smile and laugh a lot. Happy people are liked a lot more than people who show no or little expression. Smiling will be your best friend when it comes to making friends so turn off the frown and smile.
Compliment - Whenever possible and you mean it compliment people on how they look, how they work or anything you notice about them that is positive. Positive attracts, negative repels; remember this while you are around your bosses, and your co-workers.
While many factors are involved in being liked or congenial, these are most important. In summation, people like people who are friendly, happy, positive and complimentary.
On the other hand, people who try to make themselves look good by putting others down, and being negative about anyone else, will be shunned and passed over in the end.
Friendly people are friendly, grouchy people are grouchy; you determine who you are and people will respond in a like manner. Friendly or grouchy you decide.