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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to Find a Job - 3 Powerful Tips

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3 Tips to find a job in 2018

As a recruiter and career consultant I am often asked by job seekers what the best ways are to find a job. I can think of dozens of techniques but if I were job hunting right now here are the three main ways that I would go about the job search process.

Create a target list of companies that you want to work for and then send your cover letter and resume directly. Here is an idea, try dropping your resume off in person or using the mail. I know it sounds old fashioned but it still works.

Another way to target your job search is to find out who the recruiter or hiring manager is at your targeted organization and send them a personalized email with your resume attached. LinkedIn is a great source to find out this information. Another site that is useful and free is Spokeo.

Another great job hunting technique and way to effectively utilize LinkedIn is to join groups that are relevant to your career. LinkedIn has a search engine where you can plug in your keywords and they will suggest the groups that match best with the most popular groups listed first. While in the groups you can network through the discussions and also search jobs that are listed by other group members. There are also specific groups that were created for job seekers and recruiters to connect.
These are the three techniques that I would use first if I was on the job market today.