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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Leadership Coaching: So You Want To Be A Manager?

Just like in most things, there are upsides and downsides to being a manager. Are you contemplating on getting a management job? You could be thinking that you want to make more out of life, or somebody might have suggested a supervisory position for you. Should you go for it?
Upsides of a Management Job
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As manager, youA�ll basically have more pay, power and prestige than other people in the company you work for. There are companies that pay their managers more, but this is not always the case. Smart companies actually pay their people according to their value to the company, not in terms of position or title. Your power as manager? It is not so much the authority delegated to you from above, but your true power as a manager comes from your capability to make your team successful. The willingness of your people to support and trust you and follow your bidding is the source of your power. The title you hold certainly holds status and prestige, too. However, it is not always a guarantee that you get better pay. There is a sense of accomplishment with the prestige and authority you bear as manager. Then again, many other careers can give you that as well.
Downsides of a Management Job
It can be lonely at the top when youA�re a manager. Sometimes nobody likes the boss. You have to make decisions, whether theyA�re right or wrong. Somebody is always out to get your job, so it might not be that comfy sitting in your managerial seat. You canA�t afford to be too close to your employees. You have to make hard decisions, thatA�s why you have to be a bit removed from your staff. If itA�s your first time to be promoted as supervisor of your group, for instance, donA�t be surprised if youA�ll find your friends turning cold and distant.
You wonA�t be getting immediate feedback when it comes to your performance as manager. YouA�ll be managing for long term goals, usually quarterly or annually. The measure of your management success is more long term and difficult to manage. YouA�ll have legal liabilities as manager that your workers donA�t have. YouA�ll be signing documents and ensure that your workplace is free from harassment and that your people are safe. You would be held legally liable if you fail in such responsibilities.
The True Rewards of a Management Job
A management career is not for everybody. Weigh the pros and cons to decide if itA�s right for you. Are you up for the challenge of the responsibility and the legal liabilities? A management job is rewarding, nonetheless. Other than the pay, power and prestige, you will also have the power to influence and inspire. Financial and status rewards are fulfilling in themselves, but it often is a more satiating experience when you have inspired, motivated and encouraged someone to get started and become successful.

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