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Monday, October 15, 2018

Discovering Your Unique Ability

Discovering Your Unique Ability

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The man, who is born with a talent which he is meant to use, finds his greatest happiness in using it. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Im sure youd agree that most people spend a lot of their time doing things theyre not passionate about. As you read through the following four categories think about how much time you spend in each area.

Incompetence: these are the activities that you don't do well and that you have no interest in doing. When you spend time in the area of incompetence theres no potential for your growth, advancement, or fulfillment.

Competence: these are the activities that you perform reasonably well, but you have no real interest in doing. When you spend time in the area of competence theres very little potential for your growth, advancement, or fulfillment. In other words, youre okay at these things, but most likely you'll never stand out.

Excellence: these are the activities that you do really well, but youre still not passionate about doing them. Others recognize your skill in these activities, but in your heart you don't really enjoy them. When you spend time the area of excellence you may experience some growth and advancement, but you will not feel truly fulfilled.

Unique Ability: these are the activities that you naturally perform well and really enjoy doing. When you spend time in the area of unique ability youll find an endless potential for growth, advancement, and more importantly personal happiness and fulfillment.

So, a surefire way to increase the amount of happiness you experience in your life is to identify your Unique Abilities and put them to use in as many ways as possible.

Your Unique Abilities are the essence of your lifes purpose and hold clues to what will truly fulfill you, and the more fulfilled you are, the happier youll be!

The first step in identifying and leveraging your Unique Abilities is to get some feedback on how others see you.

I suggest you initially speak with three people you know from different areas of your life (i.e., work, family, friends, etc.). Explain the four categories (incompetence, competence, excellence, and unique ability) and ask them what they see as your Unique Abilities.

Try to get them to be specific. In other words, if they say one of your Unique Abilities is "accounting," ask them what exactly made them say that. Maybe it's your ability with numbers, or organization, or problem solving. It doesnt matter what it is, just get them to be as precise as possible with each Unique Ability that is identified.

After youve gathered this feedback you can begin to ask yourself the following questions:

- Where might I use these abilities?
- What environment?
- How can I let these abilities come through more often?

These questions and any others like them that you can think of will offer you clues to where and how you can experience a greater amount of happiness and satisfaction in your life.

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Kim Smith is a Life Coach who passionately helps people learn and master the skills and strategies they need to experience the peaceful, happy, satisfying lives they want and deserve. Find out more at

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dangers of 'Buy Now, Pay Later!'

Dangers of 'Buy Now, Pay Later!'

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Great marketing tempts us to use credit everywhere these days, and ours is a culture of I want it now so... buy now, pay later. This popular belief that living beyond ones means is a normal lifestyle is simply NOT true. A normal, healthy financial situation does not include buying anything you want on credit and just paying later. In fact, you should avoid using credit as much as possible, or altogether. Just what are healthy finances? Find out at here.
Dangers of Buy Now, Pay Later
Proof of how dangerous it is to buy now, pay later is all around us. The Enron and WorldCom disasters early in the 21st century show how poor credit policies can bring on loan defaults and bankruptcies. Failed savings and loan institutions and the resulting $500 billion bailout of the 1990s placed our country in severe financial danger.

The credit and mortgage crisis of 2007 showed how relaxed qualifications and over extending credit not only affected thousands of families but severely damaged the economy. No one is immune to debt - governments, big business, families and individuals are all hurt when they abuse it. Loan defaults and bankruptcies are skyrocketing!

Easy Consumer Credit on the Rise
After World War II, greater availability of consumer credit drastically increased the number of Americans in debt. Marketing experts introduced three new credit strategies still enslaving American consumers today:

1. The Easy Payment Plan. This credit strategy was to advertise a low monthly payment instead of the total cost of merchandise. Consumers were persuaded to shift from saving to pay cash for things, to only looking at how much the payments would be. It worked like a charm!

2. Long-Term Mortgages. Long-term G.l. housing loans were offered to veterans returning from the war. Soon long-term mortgages became the standard of home finance. 30-year mortgages became the rule. Long-term car loans soon followed; many are 6 years - the skies the limit!

3. Credit Cards, Bank Guarantees, and Lines of Credit. Since no collateral was required, credit became easy for Americans to obtain. The high interest rates and fees charged made the lending companies rich. It became very easy for consumers to buy almost anything on credit.

Easy credit has also changed the way people think about and spend money. Studies show that people spend more money when they use credit vs. cash. Many consumers now consider available credit just like cash in the bank. Credit has turned the majority of individuals and families in America into debtors with all its pressure and burdens. If youre in debt, youre not alone. According to the Federal Reserve, Americans are in $1.98 trillion of debt, more than $18,000 per household.

Its ALL about Interest! People who understand interest - EARN it, people who dont - PAY it. Youre not only buying things you cant afford now - but youre paying much more than the sticker price. When you buy on credit you pay your creditor compound interest. According to Albert Einstein, Compound interest is the greatest invention known to man. But its only great if youre on the receiving end, NOT paying it! The wealthy understand this concept, see what they know that you dont at FH4L.

Be the exception! Dont buy into the mindset that consumer lines of credit and debt are part of healthy finance. Theyre NOT. Carefully managed credit is a powerful and useful tool. When used wisely, credit can be very effective in building businesses, establishing credit, and even building wealth. But unmanaged credit quickly becomes out-of-control debt. When it reaches this point it often becomes harmful and even devastating. If you dont have the cash, ask yourself do you really need it and is it really worth it. Keep your emotions in check and resist the powerful marketing and sales messages designed to entice you into buying now and paying later.

It can seem impossible to eliminate debt from your life, but you have the power within you to make the necessary financial changes, and establish new habits based on proven, successful money management fundamentals. Then you can not only pay off your debt, but youll be able to build wealth! FH4L can put you on the right path to financial health.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Comprehensive Tips To Assemble Leisure Management Dissertations

Comprehensive Tips To Assemble Leisure Management Dissertations

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1. Are you in your final year, and a few steps away from your degree?

2. Are you facing the challenge of writing thesis?

3. And you need some suggestions on some really good topics?

This is the article you have been looking for, which will provide you with the outline of your thesis and some topics that will help to successfully accomplish the task of thesis writing!

Every final year student of masters has to face this difficulty of thesis writing.

A guideline is provided to the students by the committee, but some students fail to understand it and make proper use of it.

So for those students this guide will prove very helpful.

Following is the basic outline of your
Leisure management dissertations that you can follow:

1. Title page:

This page contains your topic.

Through thorough research and revision, you select a topic of discussion and your research question which becomes the basis of your thesis argument.

2. Abstract:

This is the summary of your literature review.

In your abstract you will write all the key points that you have used in your thesis.

This is meant for the external users, to give them a brief idea what the thesis is about.

It contains everything except the details and the explanations.

3. Introduction:

Here you will give a brief introduction of your topic.

You will give reasons for choosing this topic, and also tell them why you were interested in this topic.

You will tell which research method you have used with this topic, and why.

4. Body:

This is the lengthiest part of the thesis.

In this section you give every detail, and cover every aspect of your topic in very detail.

You have to answer all the questions relating to the topic and give evidences for your references.

5. Conclusion:

You will give your own comments and recommendations in this section.

You will conclude by stating the results of your investigation, and tell the committee how your thesis was useful to you.

6. Bibliography:

This is the section where you have to make citations of all the information you have used in your investigation and thesis writing.

Now when you have the outline of the thesis, you will need some suggestions on your topic.
Here are ten examples of dissertations in business and management topics:

1. "To What Degree Is Stock Market Activities Coherent?"

2. "Establishing And Materializing The Equilibrium Scorecard"

3. "Educational Issues In Tactical Alliances"

4. "The Character Of And Rate Of Modification In China's trade Traditions"

5. "Worldwide Commerce Policy"

6. "What Makes a Victorious commerce?"

7. "Presentation Depth Perceptions And
Observations In A Supply Chain Context:

A Revision Of Intel Company"

8. "How Do Sports Car Band Use CRM To Perk Up Client Devotion?"

9. "Deliberate Information Scheme Preparation In Investment Banks"

10. "Has Online Shopping Added To A Decline In UK Trade"


Thesis writing is the final step towards master degree.

It consists of a few simple steps and understanding of the writing procedure to make a successful thesis.

Just search here for sample leisure management dissertations that will give you an idea for your research topic.

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Donna Santos is a senior research writer and provides help for Dissertations in business and management.Feel free to contact for any sort of help in this regard.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Comparative Analysis of MBA in Marketing vs Finance

Comparative Analysis of MBA in Marketing vs Finance

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MBA degree program as we all know is the most promising professional course for people who want to make a lucrative career in the field of management. Unlike any other Masters degree, here the students applying for MBA have to select the specialization options available at their respective B-schools. Out of so many specialization options available, MBA in marketing and finance is the most sought after field that students choose. In corporate world both marketing and finance areas are of great importance and require people with skilled managerial abilities for these departments.
Either you do specialization in marketing or finance it prepares students for management careers. The selection of courses has to be done on the basis of specific requirements, interests and goals.
The task of differentiating MBA program degree in marketing vs. finance is a difficult thing. Both fields deal with completely diverse aspects of management. For instance finance field is about organizing the capital and marketing field is about making strategies to take over the market. Here skills required and personal characteristics differ, so is the industry demand and needs.
MBA in Marketing
MBA in marketing makes students skilled and well-trained to take marketing decisions about public relations, advertising, and communication channels and formulate strategies. Usually the course curriculum contains- ethics, economics, international sales and marketing, consumer behavior, strategic planning and so on. Students applying for MBA in marketing are given chance to select courses from sub-categories of marketing on the basis of individual goals and interests. It may comprise of areas like internet, advertising and international marketing.
Skills required: Problem solving ability, extrovert personality, communication skills, logical approach, reasoning abilities, able to take calculated risks, strong decision making & implementing skills. The MBA aspirant should know how to apply marketing strategies in a correct manner.
Focus of study: Marketing, branding, people management, sales, advertising, etc. Job Opportunities: Advertising executive, Brand manager, Business development director, Market researcher, Product manager, senior marketing analyst
Work Profile: The work profile of a candidate with MBA in marketing usually includes - setting marketing goals, developing marketing strategies, branding, communication, client research, analyzing products viability and so on.
Career demand: High

MBA in Finance

MBA in finance trains the students to take financial decisions of different types of businesses and industries. Here the students get to learn how to obtain, manage and allocate funds in any business set-up. Usually the course curriculum includes topics like - budgeting, data analysis, international business, economics, marketing, finance and financial accounting. Sub-categories include corporate finance, private equity, portfolio management, etc.

Skills required: Good communication skills, expert with numbers, reasoning ability, proper decision making skills, problem solving skills, willingness to take risks and attention to details.

Focus of study: Market analysis, economics, finance securities, costing, investments, etc.

Job Opportunities: Chief financial officer, financial analyst, financial manager, Insurance adjuster, Investment banker, Stock broker, etc.

Work Profile: Raising funds, cost management, collecting financial information, scrutinizing legal and financial aspects of new projects, etc.

Career demand: Depends of market demand.

Author's Bio: provides content and updated information about finance options, guidance on education loans, in addition to everything that students would like to know about MBA colleges in India and help on MBA preparation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Clarity, Confidence, Conviction

Clarity, Confidence, Conviction

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The beginning of a New Year feels the same as when I begin a new journal. All the pages are fresh and blank inside a beautiful bound book, ready to be filled with the adventures of my life. This feeling is both exciting and full of the anxiety as I anticipate the unfolding of this New Year. The one thing I know is that I have taken my finger off the pause button and am ready to live full-out! As the lead coach of Living at YES! I am committed to saying YES! to life. How about you?

Have you set your intentions for the year, begin to have clarity in what you want to create for the year or is your life still on hold waiting until you know exactly what it is you want? Are you answering, Ummaybe, I dont know, lets wait and see. How many times have you heard yourself offer this response? Did you realize that these responses are much like pushing the hold button to experiencing life? Your life is on hold when you are not living at yes?

Living at YES! means you live your life full-out. You are open to possibilities, to opportunities. It means you live your life with Clarity, Conviction and Confidence. Living at YES! means you have learned how to enjoy the present moment and that you embrace all that life has to offer. You have become more fully empowered, allowing life to unfold before you with ease.

Living at YES! does not mean that you say, yes to everything that comes your way. When you live at yes you are empowered to say no. There is a verse in the Christian Holy Book that says, Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. In other words, be clear in your choice.

Living in the power of choice means that you are not a victim to lifes circumstances. When you know you have a choice, you are living in freedom.
In order to be clear on your choice, you are first acknowledging that you have a choice.

I dont know and maybe are phrases of doubt. When you live in the energy of doubt, you are shut down to life. Once shut down, you soon begin to lack the confidence necessary to take the next step moving you forward into your life. and doubt soon grows into fear. Living in doubt and fear can soon become paralyzing. Once paralyzed, choice is not an option and you feel like a victim. When you live your life as victim, life responds by creating more circumstances that support you feeling like a victim. The life force energy, now being cut off from its natural flow, will begin to be reflected in your health, your relationships, your physical body and in you wallet. You may begin to experience stiff joints, a decrease in your cash flow and an increase in your waist size. You may begin to experience stress in your relationships and just too many hard days at the office.

Living in doubt is like having a hidden virus in your computer, the invisible bug that has been slowly creeping its way into your files, contaminating them. You only notice it when you realize you have become locked out and unable to access what you need.

Life offers us basically two choices. One choice is to repel life and the other choice is to embrace life. We are either embracing or repelling. When you live in doubt, you are actually making the choice to push life away. Ironically, what we are pushing away is what we want to experience most.

I once heard someone say that when we say, I dont know, we are really saying, I am too afraid to take any action; I am too afraid to take the next step towards embracing life. I dont know is really a response that signifies that one is shutting down.

Moving forward with Confidence

A survey by a Harvard Psychologist showed there are two things that make people happy. One is that they know exactly what they want - clarity; and two, they know they were moving towards getting it confidence. Life feels great when you realize your goal and know you are confidently moving towards it. What is confidence and what gives someone confidence?

Confidence is having a feeling of trust within yourself. When you live with confidence, you are feeling good about yourself and you trust that you will respond to lifes situations in an empowering way. Like self-esteem, confidence grows as you place your awareness onto it. Every action you take that you can feel good about, every step forward that you take, even when feeling the fear and doing it anyway, builds your levels of confidence. Confidence builds as you build your confidence one-experienceat-a-time.

Quoting myself from last weeks article, when you live in the energy of doubt, you are shut down to life. Once shut down, you soon begin to lack the confidence necessary to take the next step, moving you forward into your life. Doubt soon grows into fear. Living in doubt and fear can often become paralyzing. Once paralyzed, choice is not an option and you feel like a victim. When you live your life as victim, life responds by creating more circumstances that support you feeling like a victim. The life force energy is being cut off from its natural flow.

In the movie, The Secret, Jack Canfield offered the following analogy. You can drive from NY to CA in the dark with your headlights shining only 200 feet ahead of you. Once you have clarity, you can take the next right step towards your goal with confidence. You put yourself in the natural flow of the life energy force trusting that you will know what to do next. Your level of confidence builds each step of the way.

Remember that we are all a little unsure when we try something new. Our confidence may get rattled a bit, but when you can step back and sit in your clarity, you recommit with conviction.

The word conviction means having a strong persuasion or belief. I heard this word frequently spoken in a former religious setting. It would be common to hear someone say they have a strong conviction for Christ. Meaning, they have a strong belief, they are convicted, in the teachings of the religion. Lets take the word conviction out of the religious context. What are your convictions?

In the core of you, what are your beliefs? When you examine your core, what is the Truth that lies deep within you? My studies in metaphysics have taught me the importance of knowing what I believe. I learned that my beliefs are the basis of how I interpret my lifes experiences. How I view and respond to my lifes experiences is based on what I believe. My beliefs are formed by the thoughts I have, which are fueled by my emotions.

What strong beliefs do you have? What perceptions of the world do you hold firmly as your Truth? When we came into this world, we entered free of thinking. We were just busy having fun. Then, as time passed, we were programmed and trained on how to perceive and respond to the world.

At the beginning of this series, I stated that Living at YES! means you live your life full out. You have learned to enjoy the present moment and you embrace all that life has to offer. When you examine your beliefs, do they empower you to live in full expression? Do your beliefs allow you to stretch your comfort zone?

Empower yourself to stop and explore the beliefs that hold you back, that keep you from really being who you are and doing what you are meant to do in this lifetime. Empower yourself to live with strong conviction, making the necessary changes from the inside out.

Make it a priority in your life to live with Clarity, Confidence and Conviction.
Live at YES!

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Sharon Marquart is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach, Public Speaker, Teacher and Published Author. Her coaching practice is, Living at Yes, (You Embracing Spirit). She inspires and motivates others to embrace the Spirit of life, to Know their Presence, to Feel their Power and to Live their Passions. Sharon is committed to motivate and inspire others to live their best life. Sharon has written Living With Soulful Purpose, 9 Steps to a Happier Healthier You, and 4 Principles for Living Abundantly. She can be reached at or e-mail Sharon