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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Career Advice to Be Promotable - Anatomy of a Personal Brand Strategy, Part I

Personal brand marketing is a solid career management technique. When you are doing the work to clearly identify your personal brand - or the overall collection of perceptions that you want others to have about you - it may not be as simple as jotting down a few notes on a memo pad.
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Developing a personal brand strategy that describes the irresistible, brilliant you can take some work, but once you have it, you can apply the pieces to everything you communicate - e.g. resume, interview remarks, online media, etc.
Below, I will share with you some of the components I used in developing my own brand marketing statement.
Here are the first five concepts to focus on with a brief definition of each, and an example taken from my own personal brand library:

Objective - what outcome are you trying to achieve for yourself or for your target audience (e.g. To develop highly successful, professional women of color to be competitors for advanced leadership positions.)

Core message - the primary mindset that you want anyone who comes in contact with you to adopt (e.g. You can successfully advance your career when you increase your brand visibility in a smart, authentic, and consistent way.)

Target audience - who do you want to share the message with (e.g. Professional women of color, age 30-55, seeking career advancement, career change, or business start-up.) **Later, we can talk about who the ideal client is for you within this target - yes, there is a distinction.

Brand Statement - what do you do and who do you work with (e.g., I work with professional women of color seeking career advancement or transitioning into solo business. I show them how to develop a brand strategy for their career that connects them with their target audience & key influencers.)

Unique position - what makes you different than anyone else who does this work (e.g., My strategy is based on a 60/40 combination of proven career management techniques and online brand expertise. I also have a powerhouse network of branding resources to help my clients implement the plan once the it is put on paper.)
That's all for part one. Think about your answers in each area. If you work on this over the next week, you will have a great start to developing your brilliant personal brand strategy.

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