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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

main recruitment agency

There are many advantages to using an engineering recruitment agency. Take a look at the list below and see what you think. It might even sway your decision and guide you towards obtaining some high quality engineering candidates.
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main recruitment agency

Here are the top reasons why Employers should use an Engineering Recruitment Agency:

            They know the industry inside out. Any good agency will have years of experience in the sector. This means that they should have inside knowledge about candidates and employers. They will understand exactly how the engineering industry works and how to go about finding the best candidates.

            They can help you locate candidates with hard to find skills. They will have a fairly large candidate pool for you to choose from containing engineers with lots of different specialist skills. Moreover, they should be used to providing niche candidates in a short space of time.

            You won't have to do anything except give them a detailed brief explaining what you are looking for.
            If you build up a long term relationship with an agency then you will be safe in the knowledge that they will deliver what you are looking for.

            You can choose the length of time that you want candidates to work for. Engineering recruitment agencies specialise in providing both temporary and permanent engineering staff. Not only will this help you find candidates quickly, but it will eliminate a great deal of paperwork.

            If you contact an international engineering recruitment agency then you will be able to source international candidates easily.

            Some agencies provide discipline focused consultants who will have a network of relevant candidates to choose from.

            They should have a search and selection facility on their website which means you can locate people with hard to find skills.

Hopefully this list demonstrated how useful engineering recruiters can be. If you think that this is the best route for your company then the next step would be to do some further research online. You need to make sure that you find the right company who will be able to cater to your specific needs.

What gets a resume read? Most job seekers know to include essential items like an introductory section, work history, and education/training credits, but that's just the tip of the iceberg! Strategy plays a huge hand in garnering recruiter/hiring manager attention, and that means NOT tailoring it to your own preferences, but rather those which are currently in demand within the marketplace. Keep these tips in mind to ensure a reader-friendly resume:

Of course you're emotionally connected to the details of your resume: it's you, after all! But a large part of what makes a resume successful is including ONLY those details/accomplishments recruiters/hiring managers are looking for, and eliminating extraneous items. While you may be especially proud of the number of college memberships you've held or hobbies you're currently engaged in, these have NO PLACE on a resume! Of course, these are relatively easy items to delete. Where things become difficult is within your actual work history. If you're struggling to determine what's necessary and what's not, seek out a second opinion.

Recruiters/hiring managers prefer to see work credits listed in reverse chronological order. Also, NO FREE-FLOATING ACCOMPLISHMENTS! This is largely perceived as a candidate lacking confidence in their entire work history. Integrate accomplishments directly within the pertinent positions.

Forget about trying to hide gaps in your work history. Recruiters/hiring managers are trained to spot them. Instead, include a brief Career Note that outlines what you did during this period. Correctly worded, it will go a long ways towards keeping it from becoming a negative in your candidacy.